Improved observability

The Statik Dashboard is a complete experience to understand website metrics such as infrastructure consumption (CPU, RAM), or network utilisation (consumed disk space or traffic).

Centralised version control

The Statik Dashboard creates a unified platform to manage versions of plugins and the core itself. Quickly learn which instances require your attention and update in isolated environments to ensure zero downtime experience.

Automated backups

Every professional and enterprise WordPress instance is equipped with automated backups, which can be easily restored in existing environments or created as new ones.

Improved collaboration

Easily control who can access WordPress instances or Statik dashboard projects. Manage access control lists granularly or globally to invite in-house developers or external collaborators.

Agile ready hosting

Multiple environments

With no strict limit to the number of environments, test features with ease. 

Dynamic databases

Freely mix code and databases between local and cloud environments.

Easy edits

Deploy, promote or roll-back changes using flexible environments. 

QA on the fly

Test features consistently without affecting the live website.

Manage at scale

The Statik Dashboard is a central place to manage all WordPress instances, from the development phase through to real-time use. Build, manage and maintain websites adjusted to the needs of your modern agency.

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