Reduced time to market

From day one, Statik was oriented to reduce time to market, offering tools to effectively speed up design, development and launch phases.

Release-based deployments

Built-in git integration encourages you to deploy changes in batches, containing isolated features or sprint results. Syncing deployment flow with agile releases can improve efficiency.

Automated scalability

Each professional and enterprise WordPress instance runs within a powerful cluster that handles unexpected traffic spikes by temporarily assigning additional infrastructure resources.

Improved collaboration

Easily control who can access WordPress instances or Statik dashboard projects. Manage access control lists granularly or globally to invite in-house developers or external collaborators.

Agile ready hosting

Git integration

Track changes effectively between systems with included git integration.


Batch changes in git branches to push them as release deployments.

Easy edits

Deploy, promote or roll-back changes using flexible environments.

QA on the fly

Test features consistently without affecting the live website.

Manage at scale

The Statik Dashboard is a central place to manage all WordPress instances, from the development phase through to real-time use. Build, manage and maintain websites adjusted to the needs of your modern agency. 

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