WAF Protected 🔒

All Statik Hosting products are equipped with enterprise-grade Cloudflare Web Application Firewall (WAF), a first layer of defence scanning every single HTTP request before it reaches a WordPress instance. By doing so, we are capable of filtering out suspicious calls in order to prevent any damages made to the website. The WAF is globally managed by Cloudflare with WordPress oriented tuning to successfully mitigate unnecessary risks.

WAF areas of interest


Cloudflare managed rulesets block most zero-day vulnerabilities.

Top 10 OWASP risks

A dedicated ruleset blocks familiar OWASP attack techniques.

Sensitive data

WAF attempts to block responses containing sensitive data.


Ongoing defence against popular attacks powered by machine learning.

Tried and tested, out of the box

Enterprise websites require enterprise-grade security solutions. All Statik products, with sophisticated web application firewalls, are enabled by default to mitigate web-related risks on all websites.

Aligned with your team


We provide resources for the earliest phases of a project.


Statik leverages development in the cloud.

Marketing and

Statik can reduce time to market with editorial materials.

and support

Use Statik technology for business as usual activities.

Active DDoS mitigation

All Statik hosting products have Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection automatically enabled. DDoS attacks are a popular threat which attempts to disrupt website delivery by flooding it with internet traffic from distributed nodes grouped into a botnet. We use best-in-class Cloudflare technology to block these varying techniques.

Enforced SSL/TLS for all websites

All Statik hosting products enforce SSL/TLS protection for all websites (including non-production instances) by automatically generating a certificate. SSL is an encryption-based security protocol that evolved into TLS, providing a high degree of privacy between a server and visitor. It ensures the data was not changed before it reached its destination. Any sensitive data entered on a protected website is known only by the sender and recipient.

Git-managed codebase

All hosting products from professional and enterprise families use git as a default codebase management tool. It reduces the risk of human error on unintentional code overriding and introduces versioning, bringing more control over files and historical versions and improving development workflows for larger teams.

Enhanced database protection

All hosting products implement additional safety measures to protect database instances. Connection is established on demand for a limited time period after successful authentication in the Statik Login Gateway. Database dumps are encrypted, and their distribution to developers is logged to understand who can see your sensitive data.

Manage at scale

The Statik Dashboard is a central place to manage all WordPress instances, from the development phase through to real-time use. Build, manage and maintain websites adjusted to the needs of your modern agency.


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