WordPress cache solutions

The Statik Platform introduces an end-to-end caching solution for professional and enterprise WordPress products. Learn more how we speed up the process.

Sub-second responses

Statik has implemented a robust caching strategy using an enterprise-grade Cloudflare solution. Our objective is to minimise the time-intensive part of each request (server-side processing) to significantly enhance websites’ performance. When a website is visited, a complete snapshot (not just its assets) is generated and served to subsequent visitors, effectively eliminating server processing time. This caching technology is integrated with a Content Delivery Network, enabling dynamic distribution of the cached version of the website worldwide and reducing latency resulting from physical distance.

Statik LayerCache

A multi-layered caching solution has been introduced to all WordPress products. It combines different cache layers to enhance website performance:

  • Edge cache is designed to store HTML output for subsequent visitors in CDN nodes globally, allowing most visitors to access the website without server-side processing.
  • Application cache saves HTML output directly on the origin server, reducing server-side processing in the event that the edge version is unavailable.
  • Query cache, a Redis-powered solution, is intended to cache SQL query responses to mitigate stress during peak traffic.

Caching benefits


Statik Cache is fully adjustable. Control the lifecycle of resources globally or individually.


Our caching solution is backed by 275+ nodes of Cloudflare CDN, ready to serve your site.

Always close

CloudFlare is as close as 50ms to 95% of internet users.

Open Source

Use with Statik projects or any other hosting providers.

Tried and tested, out of the box

Enterprise websites require enterprise-grade security solutions. All Statik products, with sophisticated web application firewalls, are enabled by default to mitigate web-related risks on all websites.

Aligned with your team


We provide resources for the earliest phases of a project.


Statik leverages development in the cloud.

Marketing and

Statik can reduce time to market with editorial materials.

and support

Use Statik technology for business as usual activities.

Manage at scale

The Statik Dashboard is a central place to manage all WordPress instances, from the development phase through to real-time use. Build, manage and maintain websites adjusted to the needs of your modern agency. 


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