One in a kind WordPress hosting

People behind Statik are responsible for creating over a thousand for small medium and large clients. As a development team, we came across tens of thousands issues, we finally decided to address and resolve with unique hosting and hosting related services.
Meet Statik, an end-to-end solution for WordPress and headless WordPress hosting, that is oriented on reducing time-to-market factor by making difficult bits of websites development standarized and cetralized.

WordPress Hosting

An immutable hosting platform running on top of a Kubernetes in AWS. Delivered to the visitors with an enterprise grade Cloudflare network. Developed as a code, with a cloud-native approach.
Start right away and follow the best workflows of leading creative agencies with our solutions in place.

Headless WordPress

Pre-render your WordPress content to attract your customers and visitors with an app like behavior and exceptional user experience.
Utilize a complete toolkit developed by Statik to convert a regular WordPress into a React.js powered application with a support of Gutenberg editing experience.


What’s different about Statik?

Statik Enclave

Audience of each website, environment or even a single URL can be limited based on individual preferences:

  • Authenticate directly on an edge layer, without compromising your WordPress instance.
  • Approve or deny access gradually for authenticated visitors, or based on visitor metadata such as geographical localization, browser fingerprint or user agent,
  • Introduce compliance by advanced log collectors, access policies,
  • Reduce or cut off automated traffic from bots and crawlers based on your neeeds.

Statik Identity

A centralized solution for authorization and authentication. We will manage your user identity pool to let you, your developers and your customers access Statik services, cli experience as well as all WordPress instances easier than ever before:

  • Manage users globally across all websites, or granularly one-by-one from a unified dashboard,
  • Introduce Multi-factor authentication or password policies out of the box,
  • Mitigate risks of enumareation and database leaks,
  • Replace a regular WordPress login box with a unified login gateway to bring you and your customers to another level of comfort and security.

Statik Edge

An additional layer of infrastrcuture between a visitor and the server instance. A software bit sat on top of the Cloudflare network to improve safety and performance of your websites.

  • Built-in Cloudflare Enterprise CDN managed by Statik to ensure best results for WordPress websites,
  • Built-in Cloudflare Argo support to introduce tiered cachiing and as a result reduce network congestions,
  • Built-in DigiCert certificates management, managed automatically to let you forget about SSL completely,
  • Additional solutions to implement on-edge authentication and zero lag redirections managed from the dashboard.

Statik LayerCache

A multi-layer solution for caching introduced applied on both infrastructure and application layer to reduce lags in serving content.

  • Application cache, which is meant to save output HTML in order to reduce WordPress processing in the following requests,
  • Query cache, which is meant to store SQL queries responses in Redis to reduce stress at MySQL instances,
  • Edge cache, which is meant to save output HTML in edge nodes around the world to reduce physical distance between visitor and the server.

Statik Locker

A centrally managed solution to upload private files into a media library in exactly the same way as you would load images.

  • Keep secure files secure due to at rest encryption in an external file storage with zero trust policy in place,
  • Create Access Control Lists to decide who can see a specific file, or
  • Utilize a helper library to handle encryption related magic to authenticate visitors to see files based on project specific needs.

Statik Stream

A centrally managed solution to upload videos directly into a media library with all best practices of videos serving in place.

  • Easy to use interface within a media library to reduce training time,
  • Automatic quality and format conversion to ensure videos are prepared to be served to visitors on any device and internet connection without unnecessary buffering,
  • An adjustable dedicated video player to provide youtube-like experience

Statik Framework

Utilize a framework designed to handle all infrastructure bits on a software level and to streamline repeatable processes your agency was struggling for years.
Use battle tested workflows that extend WordPress functionality to make your team more performant and reduce Time To Market without sacrifying quality of the code.

Statik Dashboard

Manage all your users, all your websites in a single place. UX oriented dashboard let you manage all resources you have in the Statik infrastructure.
If you wish to provide additional access to your customers, feel free to brand white-labelled dashboard with you logos and colors to make your company look even more professional.

Enterprise Hosting

Get in touch with us to get a dedicated offer crafted for Enterprise customers. Access cloud native hosting product – fully oriented on compliance and security. Fully immutable infrastructure, constant monitoring, logs auditing, infrastructure level security enhancements, advanced backups stored in multiple locations around the world and 5 minute disaster recovery.

Agency Partnership Programme

People behind Statik are responsible for creating over a thousand different corporate grade websites for small medium and large clients. During that time, we came across tens of thousands issues, we finally decided to address and resolve with unique hosting products. Meet Statik, an end-to-end solution for WordPress and headless WordPress hosting. We will do the hard bits, so you and your team could truely focus on a web development.

Let us find the best enterprise WordPress solution for you.

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