Unified login gateway

Statik Identity provides a unified login gateway that replaces all different authentication flows into one practical solution, no matter if you log in to WordPress instance, Statik Dashboard, CLI experience or MySQL database.

Control access globally

Manage your users on scale in the Statik Dashboard. Granularly control access to specific instances or actions through a powerful permission editor and ensure all critical website resources are protected.

Policies out of the box

Statik Identity comes with a variety of password policies and best industry standards – detailed attempts logging or MFA – to ensure authentication flow is well protected.

Pen-tested & secure

Statik Identity is powered by external IdP, one of the market leading authentication layers extending OAuth 2.0 protocol. To ensure security, we periodically run pen-tests and scans.

One gateway to all Statik services

The Statik Dashboard includes an Identity Provider feature, which can be used for all WordPress instances hosted within the platform. User management is controlled at platform level, and a regular WordPress login is replaced with a Statik unified gateway.

Statik comes with an Identity Provider feature, which you can use to login to the Statik Dashboard. Use exactly the same credentials to manage instances on an infrastructure or content layer.

Developers can use exactly the same credentials to use a CLI experience. Login through a Statik Login Gateway and start local development in no time.

Enterprise Security

The Statik Platform handles user management for your agency out of the box. No extra plugins, third party integrations or services are required.

Advance protection

Regular WordPress does not block numerous requests to wp-login.php and might encounter targeted attacks. Statik Identity’s unified login gateway addresses the problem and temporarily locks an account after a number of unsuccessful login requests.

Multi-factor authentication

WordPress does not provide Multi-factor Autentication, a feature that can be easily implemented with Statik Identity. All successful login attempts will be requested to provide an extra passphrase using an additional device, including mobile.

Password policies

Statik Identity, by default, implements password policies to keep user accounts secure. User will be requested to update their password after a period of time, and supply additional security information.

Events logging

Every login attempt will be saved to the permanent logging system. Your agency will be fully aware of which resources have been used by specific users.

External password database

Statik Identity secured stored passwords in an external database which significantly reduces the risks involved with database leaks.

Secure WordPress

By default, WordPress instances are vulnerable to user enumeration attacks. Statik hosted websites introduced a solution to address this problem as a part of Statik Identity add-on.

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